Elementary School Math

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Standards For Mathematical Practice

Courses Broken Down By Strand

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Subject Standards

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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Resources PDF-iconTransitional Kindergarten Standards

PDF-iconTK-2 Routines

Kindergarten Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

PDF-iconKindergarten Standards

PDF-iconTK-2 Routines

1st Grade Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

2nd Grade Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

PDF-icon2nd Grade Standards

PDF-icon2nd Grade Module Tools and Routines

3rd Grade Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

PDF-icon3rd Grade Standards

PDF-iconInstructional Routines 3rd Grade

4th Grade Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

PDF-icon4th Grade Standards

PDF-iconInstructional Routines 4th Grade

5th Grade Resources
-Including Instructional Modules

PDF-icon5th Grade Standards

PDF-iconInstructional Routines 5th Grade

California Math Framework Chapters

Resources for tasks, tools, routines, and assessments
PDF-iconInstructional Strategies PDF-iconDot Cards (.zip file)
PDF-iconSupporting High Quality Common Core Mathematics Instruction 180 Photos to Engage Students in Estimation Reasoning and Discussions at http://www.estimation180.com/
PDF-iconTechnology in the Teaching of Mathematics Hundreds of Lessons, Interactive Games and Virtual Manipulatives from the Leading Research-Based Organization in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, NCTM at http://illuminations.nctm.org/
PDF-iconAssessment Lessons, Performance Assessments, Videos from the Noyce Foundation and Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative at http://www.insidemathematics.org/
PDF-iconInstructional Materials Highly Engaging 3-Act Tasks (photo and video) to Promote Making Sense, Problem-Solving, Reasoning and Productive Struggle by Graham Fletcher at http://gfletchy.com/3-act-lessons/
PDF-iconAppendix A: Course Placement and Sequences Illustrative Mathematics from CCSSM Co-Author, Bill McCallum – Tasks and Lessons by Grade Level and Content Standard at https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/
PDF-iconAppendix B: Financial Literacy and Mathematics Education
PDF-iconAppendix C: Possible Adaptations for Students with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics
PDF-iconAppendix D: Mathematical Modeling
PDF-iconAppendix E: Higher Mathematics Pathways Standards Chart
PDF-iconAppendix F: Methods Used for Solving Single-digit Addition and Subtraction Problems
PDF-iconPhil Daro’s Common Core Math Checklist
K-8 Math Tools for kids to use – Blackline Masters