Kindergarten Reading For Foundational Skills


Kindergarten Reading Standards for Foundational Skills


Print Concepts

RF.K.1 Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print. tools-icon
a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page. tools-icon
b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters. tools-icon
c. Understand that words are separated by spaces in print. tools-icon
d. Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet. tools-icon

Phonological Awareness

RF.K.2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes). tools-icon
a. Recognize and produce rhyming words. tools-icon
b. Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words. tools-icon
c. Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words. tools-icon
d. Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words. (This does not include CVCs ending with /l/, /r/, or /x/.) tools-icon
e. Add or substitute individual sounds (phonemes) in simple, one-syllable words to make new words. tools-icon
f. Blend two to three phonemes into recognizable words. CA tools-icon

Phonics and Word Recognition

RF.K.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words both in isolation and in text. CA tools-icon
a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.  tools-icon
b. Associate the long and short sounds with the common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels. (Identify which letters represent the five major vowels [Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, and Uu] and know the long and short sound of each vowel. More complex long vowels graphemes and spellings are targeted in the grade 1 phonics standards.) CA tools-icon
c. Read common high-frequency words by sight (e.g., the, of, to, you, she, my, is, are, do, does). tools-icon
d. Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ. tools-icon


RF.K.4 Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding. tools-icon
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