Algebra II Trigonometric Functions


Trigonometric Functions


Extend the domain of trigonometric functions using the unit circle.
HSF-TF.A.1. Understand radian measure of an angle as the length of the arc on the unit circle subtended by the angle. tools-icon
HSF-TF.A.2. Explain how the unit circle in the coordinate plane enables the extension of trigonometric functions to all real numbers, interpreted as radian measures of angles traversed counterclockwise around the unit circle. tools-icon
2.1 Graph all 6 basic trigonometric functions. CA tools-icon
Model periodic phenomena with trigonometric functions.
HSF-TF.B.5. Choose trigonometric functions to model periodic phenomena with specified amplitude, frequency, and midline. tools-icon
Prove and apply trigonometric identities.
HSF-TF.C.8. Prove the Pythagorean identity sin2(θ ) + cos2(θ ) = 1 and use it to find sin(θ ), cos(θ ), or tan(θ ) given sin(θ ), cos(θ ), or tan(θ ) and the quadrant.  tools-icon